Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Worth A Second Look - Piano Lessons and Pianos in the Home

 That old piano.

It`s big and clunky and a nuisance.  It just sits in the corner and collects dust.  I hate moving it around and nobody plays it anymore.  I inherited it from my grandparents, nobody in my family wants it and I need the space for my new sectional leather couch.  Here it comes Kijiji, for free, if you haul it away. 

Don`t do it.

How about taking a look at that incredibly beautiful piano with a fresh set of eyes:
  •  Not willing to pay for or can`t afford lessons?  There are many publications/on-line tutorials for you to teach yourself.  A huge accomplishment and very satisfying!
  • Boost your brain power.  Lessons can improve your IQ.
  • Playing is a stress reliever.
  • A grand piece of furniture with a shelf for your treasures. It adds character to your home.
  • Provides extra seating when needed.  The piano bench can usually seat two.
  • If you're not afraid, refinish it.  Stain it a different color or paint it to match your decor.  You were going to get rid of it anyway...for free.
  • Very vintage.  Home decor is so cookie cutter and trendy nowadays.  Pianos will come roaring back in style, therefore..
Piano's and piano lessons are definitely worth a second look!