Thursday, November 14, 2013

First Snowfall by Edna Jaques

First Snowfall

The kids are racing up the street,
Squeeling and jumping up and down,
While snowflakes weave a magic spell,
As lovely as a wedding gown,
'Broidered in pearls with spangled lace,
To frame a happy girlish face.

Two little tots went riding by
On a new sleigh that seemed to glide
On silent runners up the street;
The baker's horse careened and shied
At every step and covered post,
Decked in white garments like a ghost.

The cars went by on muffled wheels,
Like coaches wrapped in carded wool,
The postman looked like Santy Claus
With his old knapsack bursting full,
And every street and boulevard
Was lovely as a Christmas card.

Here in a corner of the fence
A clump of scarlet berries glow,
Like jewels at a pagan feast;
The roofs are quilted down in snow,
And the old house across the way,
Is decked in royal robes today.

- Edna Jaques