Tuesday, January 14, 2014

To A Seed Merchant by Edna Jaques


Your catalogue arrived today,
Thanks for the cover bright and gay,
And all the lovely host it brought,
Delphiniums, forget-me-not,
Nasturtiums clustered to one side,
And pale pink roses for a bride.

Although the winter wind is blowing
Here in my room are flowers growing,
Petunias in their gay attire,
And marigolds like sacred fire,
With Canterbury bells to ring
Above the tender fields of spring.

Outside my window blizzards rage
But here upon the glowing page
They smile like lovely guests - and, oh,
I am so glad that flowers grow
In books...I have them twice you see,
Next summer in the yard, and here tonight
Beside the fire with me.

Poem by Edna Jaques