Monday, April 7, 2014

Book Review - BOOTSTRAPPER: A MEMOIR by Mardi Jo Link

Title: Bootstrapper: A Memoir
Author: Mardi Jo Link
Publisher: Alfred A Knopf: 2013

Okay, I can relate.   

Any self-proclaimed ‘farmeress’ who purchases twenty-five chicks, raises them to chickens (24 laying hens and one rooster… surprise!) and ends up giving them away for free because when it came right down to it, she just couldn’t find it in herself to slaughter (perform the big ‘S' as she called it) those chickens, is my kind of farmer.  Actually, to be honest, in that particular case, Mardi Jo Link purchased a mixed run of meat and egg chickens (She individually named the laying hens and called the rest  ‘the Meats’) from the Tractor Supply store in attempt to provide food for her hungry family of four - herself and her three boys.   

Divorced, poor and determined, the author writes about the end of her marriage, her childhood dreams, her prized horse Major and the lovely laying hen, Mrs. Donahue.  

Mardi Jo Link is also proud to reveal how she learned to survive those deaths and eventually, how she learned to love again and thrive on her privately owned little vegetable farm, aptly named The Big Valley.  

Light-hearted, fun and very country, Bootstrapper is a great chick flick in paper form.