Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Book Review - COOL NAMES FOR BABIES by Pamela Redmond Satran and linda Rosenkrantz

Divided into 'hot cool', 'cool cool', 'pre-cool' and 'new cool' sections, Cool Names for Babies is an excellent reference book not just for new or expecting parents, but for creative writers of all kinds who are in need of kicky names for unique characters.

If you're writing a novel, a screenplay or for television, this guide has all the hip and happening names you need.

People names trend.  Anne has always been a popular name throughout the years.  According to this guide, though, Anne is currently 'uncool' and the 'cool' name is Anna and the 'cooler' name is Annika.

The coolest flower name is Poppy - sorry, Rose.

Elizabeth is a classic name while Elsbeth is 'more exotic' and Elizabetta is the 'most exotic'.

The have lists of Bad Girl/Good Girl names, Neo-Yuppie Cool names, Celebrity and Movie - Character Names (Nacho made the list, as in Jack Black in Nacho Libre) and even Video Game names.

The Coolest Country Music Name is Paisley.

They have Old-Lady Cool names and, yup, Names No One May Be Cool Enough For.  Sorry Dad.*

The Coolest Water Name is Bay.

My Top 10 Favorite Cool Names for Babies are as follows:

     Girls                   Boys
  1. Prairie           1. Banjo
  2. Ripley           2. Cash
  3. Storm            3. Huck
  4. Jinx               4. Hud
  5. Bleu              5. Bullseye
  6. Cypress         6. Brick
  7. Daisy             7. Buster
  8. Gypsy            8. Speck
  9. Flame             9. Jet
  10. Ruby             10. Zolten
If you've got a baby on the way, whether it's a real human being or a character in your upcoming masterpiece novel, Cool Names for Babies will inspire you to bestow to your new creation, the coolest and most fly name you, or anyone, can think of. 

 * Bernard