Monday, June 9, 2014

Worth A Second Look - Old Children's Folk and Fairy Tale Books

Like the loaf of bread the Little Red Hen made by planting the sees, cutting the wheat, going to the miller, making the dough and baking the bread, many of these classic folk and fairy tale picture books were once sought after, admired and enjoyed by many parents of and young children alike.

Now, the risk of losing some these classic stories to time is quite real.  Young parents tend to prefer providing trendy picture books written by new authors who write about modern day problems with more real life characters.  Ask any teenage kid nowadays who The Little Red Hen or Henny Penny is.

Besides, who better can teach about work ethic than The Little Red Hen.  And who better can teach about courage and bravery than the Three Billy Goats Gruff...and that Henny Penny?  Well, Foxy Loxy sure taught her a lesson about not being so gullible.

Now some old folk and fairy tales have survived the new age of popular children's picture book styles of writing, usually laced with a deeper level of wit and sarcasm, as one can't read The True Story of The Three Little Pigs or Honestly, Red Riding Hood Was Rotten, without knowing what the initial story is about.

These old anthropomorphic tales are simple and fun with real life challenges and problems that the main characters have to overcome.  They are stories that young children can relate to and are awesome opportunities for young children to talk about how they may relate to the story in their own lives.   

So, before they truly become the crumbs on The Little Red Hen's plate, we should give classic children's folk and fairy tales another glance because they are absolutley Worth A Second Look!