Sunday, February 9, 2014

TSK Book Review: The Romantic Prairie Cookbook by Fifi O Neill

Title: The Romantic Prairie Cookbook
Author: Fifi O'Neill
Photographs: Mark Lohman
Publisher: CICO Books
Date Published: 2012

An excellent collection of warm and simple recipes of which inspire me to want to include many of them into the planning of my future family meals.

From a simple Old-fashioned Lemonade recipe to Kale Chips to a Deep-fried turkey, most of the recipes are easy to prepare and plate.  The majority of the ingredients could be found, if not from your own garden, then certainly from your own local grocery store.

The photographs in the book complement each recipe and the setting pure country; images of lush green prairie fields and picnic tables set against the backgrounds of lavender gardens, old red barns and chicken coops.  For most recipes there multiple photographs and the presentation of each dish is beautifully rustic and as easy as its Lemon Sour Cream Pie.

My favorite recipe: Old-fashioned Chive butter.