Monday, February 24, 2014

Worth A Second Look - Aprons

The initial purpose of the common kitchen apron was to protect the clothing underneath.  When women had limited wardrobes and the process of doing laundry was long and tedious, the apron was a practical necessity in the kitchen.  Nowadays, we rarely wear structured or formal dress, so when we find ourselves covered in bacon grease or cake flour, we simply rip off our casual clothing and throw it into the washing machine.

Thing is, aprons can serve more than one purpose AND aprons can be stylish and fun.

Aprons can be used to:
  • carry things (apples from the yard, veggies from the garden, eggs from the hen house..etc)
  • wipe things (spilled food on stove or counter, kids' faces...etc)
  • dry things (your hands, dishes)
  • transfer hot pots and  pans; a potholder 
  • cover stains on clothing when impromptu company arrives (the fancy aprons could be left on all evening)
  • perk up your boring wardrobe
  • give as gifts
There are different types of aprons:
  • Chef or Butcher's apron - a one piece straight skirt and bib.
  • Smock - sort of like a dress.  Can be with or without sleeves
  • Half apron - waist down
  • Full apron - covers the whole front
  • Cobbler apron - covers front and back 
  • Pinafore - stylish apron usually on casual day wear
  • Princess Apron - a full apron with no waist seam with bib and skirt
There are so many incredible apron designers who create fun and practical aprons.  Check these out:


Jessie Steele

Kitsch'n Glam