Monday, February 17, 2014

TSK Profile: Children's Author and Illustrator Richard Scarry

Richard Scarry was born in Boston Massachussets on June 5, 1919.  The son of storekeepers, Richard grew up a comfortable and happy child.  He left Boston's Museum of Fine Arts School to join the army and was posted in North Africa in the Morale Services Section of Allied Forces HQ.  After the war, Richard married Patricia Murphy and began writing and illustrating children's books, beginning with "Rabbit and His Friends" and "Great Big Car and Truck Book" in 1951.  He and his family moved to Switzerland in 1972.  He passed away on April 30th, 1994.  In his legacy, his son continues to write books for children.

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Richard Scarry's illustrations depict anamorphic characters in scenes set mostly in the mid-twentieth century.  As Richard grew up in the depression era, many of his illustrations reflect the lifestyle of and appearance of that time. Many of his characters are dressed in old-fashioned (maybe even inspired by the Swiss?) attire and are unique and recognizable to his style.  The choice of color and texture in his illustrations are warm and natural.  His (and his wife Patricia's) stories are simple and easy for his young readers to understand.  His early books are real treasures to collect and read to your children and grandchildren.

Top 10 Richard Scarry Stories/Illustrations/Poems:
  1. The Country Mouse and the City Mouse
  2. Best Mother Goose Ever: There Was An Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe
  3. I Am a Bunny
  4. The Bear's Farm (Best Word Book Ever)
  5. Is This the House of Mistress Mouse?
  6. Good Night Little Bear
  7. The Rabbit Family's House (Best Word Book Ever)
  8. Chipmunk's ABC
  9. Best Mother Goose Ever: Elsie Marley
  10. Just For Fun