Friday, February 7, 2014

Worth A Second Look - Summer Kitchens

I'm not talking about the modern, furnished patio that sports a six burner propane barbeque and couch and loveseat set that's barely worthy of the interior of most regular homes.  I'm talking about a separate building with a refrigerator and stove (microwave and other modern appliances optional), adorned by cupboards and/or shelves with lots of storage, with sufficient counter space and even a table and chair set to sit and sip iced tea while the meal is cooking or the jars are being processed.

Back in the day, summer kitchens were most commonly old granaries, chicken coops or other types of out buildings that were renovated to suit the culinary needs of the farm or ranchers cook. In the spring, the old coal and wood stoves were moved out to the summer kitchen where the combination of the high temperatures of the season mixed with the humidity of the cook stove were kept separate from the main house.  I imagine that it would have been desirable to leave the mess that comes with preparing and cooking away from the main house as well.

Even now, modern central air conditioning has a tough time competing with the challenges of indoor cooking during the summer months and the mess does not do anything for the decor.  The idea of having a lovely little summer kitchen - with a little flower box full in the window - sounds like it's worth a second look to me.