Thursday, May 1, 2014

Book Review - OOPS! 209 Solutions for Everyday Kitchen Mistakes

Title: OOPS! - 209 Solutions for Everyday Kitchen Mistakes
Author: Cooking Light Magazine
Publisher: OxMoor House: 2012

A book for every university student, new bride, husband that doesn't usually cook, bachelor, casual cook and...teenage boy.

I myself, have committed 205 kitchen mistakes out of the 209 (I don't substitute Fat-Free or Low-Fat anything for any reason and I don't sub margarine for butter).

I have turned my food too often, rinsed my raw chicken, carved my turkey into a grainy mess, added cold ground meat to a hot pan (still do) and twisted the biscuit cutter when making biscuits.  For shame.

Just this past Easter, my daughter commented on how my hard-boiled eggs were too hard - she noted the greyish green ring around the yolk - and lo and behold, the fix is in this book!  I tested to the T - and the fix is credible!

Great photo's, cute little balloon comments and to-the-point problems and fixes.  Just a great book to have around the kitchen.