Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Worth A Second Look - Cereal Box Prizes

Do you remember when the best part of breakfast was getting to the new cereal box before your siblings woke up in order to claim the new cool cereal box prize for yourself?

Well, I remember it well.  Growing up with five siblings, claiming the cereal box prize was a coup.   Once you got to the box you had to get to the prize.  There were three ways to do it.:
1. Dig your hand deep into the bottom of the inner bag, feel around and grab it.

2. Pull the inner bag out of the box, find out where the prize is located, return inner bag to box (if you try and dig it out before putting it back, the cereal will become displaced towards the bottom and the bag becomes difficult to get back into the box), and then proceed to dig for it.

3.  Pour out all the cereal, retrieve the prize and pour cereal back into box.

Note: I'm not sure of anyone else, but it always drove me up the wall when, after much digging, the prize was ultimately found at the bottom between the box and inner bag. 

Prizes included stickers, candy, bike reflectors, figurines, tattoos, watches and toy mazes.  My favorite toys of all were Winnie the Pooh or Disney spoon sitters and bowl hangers.  They were awesome. 

Nowadays, cereal boxes only have mail in or on-line offers.  Boo. But at least some of the boxes have interesting things to read, other than the ingredients, while you eat.

"You Might Be Canadian If....You know the French equivalents of "free", "prize" and "no sugar added", thanks to your extensive education in bilingual cereal packaging."
                                                                  - http://www.jestersring.ca/canada/jokes/mb-cnd.html

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