Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cookbook Review - Beating the Lunchbox Blues by J.M. Hirsch

Cookbook: Beating the Lunch Box Blues
Author: J.M. Hirsch
Publisher: Rachel Ray Books/ATRIA a division of Simon and Schuster, Inc.:2013
Again, the best cookbooks have the most inspiring and stimulating photographs.  This book is King on its pics.  There are so many combinations of healthy foods and beverages and the use of cool containers, food wrappings, napkins and packaging, well, it almost feels like a mini picnic.

The author recognizes that people don't have too much time in the morning to prepare a gourmet meal to pack for lunch so he is cognizant of presenting easy and fast ideas of items to prepare in the morning and he is excellent at utilizing leftovers as a theme or base for a great lunch.

For instance, the author suggests using leftover pasta to make a simple pasta salad by adding your favorite bottled vinaigrette and whatever vegetables you have on hand.  Leftover meatballs with some tzatziki make a great wrap.  Leftover breakfast items such as bacon, sausage, boiled or scrambled eggs paired with fruit or a grilled cheese sandwich makes a hearty lunch.

With sections/chapters such as Breakfast For Lunch,  Feeling Fowl, Little Bits and Using Your Noodle, Beating the Lunchbox Blues is an excellent motivator to making your or your children's lunches a little more fun to eat.