Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Whenever I See Lilacs Blow by Edna Jaques

Whenever I See Lilacs Blow

Whenever I see lilacs blow
My heart rejoices and I know
That in a world far off, somewhere,
There IS a God who answers prayer.

Whenever I see lilacs bloom
After the winter's cold and gloom,
Something within, deep down inside
Tells me that all good things abide.

Whenever I see lilacs tall
Growing against a garden wall
My faith is strengthened and renewed
And I am filled with gratitude.

Beyond these little grief hung years
Above anxiety and tears,
There's something bigger than it all,
Someone who hears me when I call...

All these eternal things I know
Whenever I see lilacs blow.

By Edna Jaques
Photo by Jacklyn Waronek